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Good Morning Airport

December 6, 2011

This morning started like any other on the farm these days. I woke up, had my tea, and fed the animals. It’s been so cold though, that it’s impossible to keep my nose from running; this morning it’s cold enough that the snot freezes instantly. Lovely. I go about my usual business of breaking up ice in water troughs, being pushed around by 8 goats who, if they could talk, would tell you “We’re STARVING!” Because certainly no one EVER feeds them. Liars. I unplug everything in my home, turn the heat down and close the gate. “See you in two weeks, I love you with all my heart”, I tell my sweet horse Shadow. He walks to the fence and looks for one more cookie. I oblige.

Now, I’m sitting in the Denver airport across from a woman with a magenta bouffant eating nacho cheese out of a can. We have a stop in Houston before heading to Costa Rica so there are more big hats than what I’m accustomed to and I feel weirdly out of place. I’ve only been traveling for a mere 2 hours (the 10 block walk to the bus station and the ride here) but I already smell like I’ve been traveling for days without a shower. I feel bad for whoever has to sit next to me.


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